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Account: 1901247799
BIN: 37050198
IBAN: DE62 3705 0198 1901 2477 99

The Herzverein issues donation receipts for tax purposes in response to donations of over 200€ at the beginning of the following year. This applies to Germany, as well as Austria and Switzerland. Please indicate your full address on the remittance slip! For donations up to 200€ the remittance slip suffices as a receipt for the tax office.

Thank you very much for your support of children with cardiac pathologies in Bolivia. Without your donation the work of our association would not be possible!

The Herzverein is a private initiative, which acts on the ground of acute necessity. It doesn’t receive any public grants.

All donations are exclusively aimed at the wellbeing of our patients.

The majority of the cardiac pathologies of our young patients are life-threatening, however, more often than not, a single surgical intervention can cure their condition permanently. The cost of an operation on the open heart for our patients lies at approximately 5.000 $US. This is a special reduced price, thanks to the obliging cooperation of the Bolivian-Belgian Clinic. This price corresponds to approximately half of the regular price. In Europe, comparable operations may cost many-fold this price.

For this reason, we are looking for donations to finance the urgently needed operations and interventions of the patients on our waiting list.
Our patients and their families depend on your support and are thankful for every donation!

If you would like to help a specific ill child, you can directly fund a certain life-saving operation. Please contact us to, we will send you information about our patients. Of course, we will inform you continually about the date and outcome of the operation and about the further fate of the patient.

You live in Bolivia and want to donate? Please talk to us! Call + (591) 60568144 or + (591) – 2 – 2785037


Of course you can also become a member of the Herzverein. To do this, please contact us directly or download the membership application.

Memebrship Application

Members of the association are kept up to date about important developments through our annual newsletter and, of course, they can participate in our annual meetings for members.